What device would be perfect for penis enlargement: does Penis Pump qualify against ProExtender?

During the several past decades the development of medical technology has been offering better and better solutions for those people seeking the relief from their problems of various sexual dysfunctions and irregularities. The vacuum penis pumps were introduced to the market in 1970's and since that time men have been buying them as a solution to their problems of poor or totally absent erection. They also proved to have a penis enlargement effect. However the technology has been constantly on the go and now newer and far more effective devices are offered to those suffering from erectile dysfunction and those wishing to enhance their penis size and performance.

The revolutionary breakthrough in the field of mechanical penis enlargement devises was achieved with the introduction of 'penis traction devices'. It was considered a veritable a quantum leap forward. The idea was to create the device capable of increasing the volume of the so called corpus cavernosa, the part of penis that answers for erection quality. Through extensive clinical research and careful examination of the tests' results it became possible to develop a penis traction device that was safe and efficient.

The main general problem with various devices like vacuum pumps was that they provided only a temporary solution to the erectile dysfunctions. At the same time the availability of such devices as the ProExtender nowadays insures a permanent penis enlargement solution to all concerned.

The workings of the penis pump

For the most part the functioning of penis pumping gadgets is based on the vacuum principle. The gadget creates lack of air around the penis; the created vacuum reverses the pressure and attracts the additional blood from the blood circulatory system into the corpus cavernosa, the part of the penis responsible for erections. It results in much improved erections, sometimes enormously so.

To operate a basic penis pump a user needs to secure an air-tight tube around the base of the penis, in the first place. After securing the seal, the user begins to slowly pump out the air from the tube with the help of an electric or hand pump. In this way most of the air, which surrounds the penis, is extracted outside and though there is never a total vacuum in the tube, the penis expands well beyond its normal size due to inflow of blood.

But here we come across the biggest problem found with the penis vacuum pumps - to prevent an immediate loss of size once the tubular chamber is removed a user needs place a special plastic or rubber ring at the penis base. Because of the temporary nature of the penis size gains and the cumbersome necessity to repeat the process each time, the most users think the penis vacuum pumps more suitable for 'pleasure pumping', not for actual size and erection improvement.

The workings of the ProExtender

ProExtender workings are based on a different principle; this is the principle of traction. The whole idea is to make the body grow new tissue that would make the penis longer and thicker. By using special techniques, the ProExtender applies a constant stretching force, gently and safely, causing the body to react to the force by actually growing new tissue in order to relieve the pressure. Basically it is the same method that some native peoples have used since the time immemorial to introduce desired modifications to their bodies. The same principle is employed by modern surgeons of reconstructive surgery when they need to grow or expand the tissues.

In many ways the application of the extender reminds of that of the penis vacuum pump, though this time there is no tubular vacuum chamber. A soft ring designed of special rubber is positioned around the head of the penis. Then slight tightening force is applied to the gadget, which results in application of the correct gentle tension on the penis.

The answer to question of how fast the penis will grow is determined by two factors of the primary importance - how much time is spent wearing the extender and what degree of tension is applied to the penis. As the experience shows, a lot of users find it beneficial to combine the application of the ProExtender System with penis enlargement supplements, which gives an increased effect.

Making the results permanent

What the users of the mechanical enhancement devices are trying to achieve is to get the increase in penis size and better quality of erection. This is their ultimate objective. As practice proves, the continued popularity of penis pumps makes it evident that many users are satisfied with them as a temporary solution for a satisfactory erection before having sex. But from the point of view of gaining some permanent results, the vacuum pumps are among the most limited devices.

On the other hand, the ProExtender traction device has been clinically tested and its effects of increased penis size and improved erections have been proven to be satisfactory and permanent.

Some conclusions to wrap it up

Although there are some testimonials of gaining slight increase as a result of constant application of vacuum pumps over the period of several years, this fact still has not been backed by any responsible clinical tests. Such kind of mechanical enhancers are very efficient - but just for temporary penis enlargement before each sexual intercourse. If you want to get permanent penis enlargement results it is strongly advised to look the way of the ProExtender.

Blog Author: Kim